Warnings and Limitations


Warning! Actual load testing of models can be dangerous.

Structural models are capable of storing large amounts of energy that can be released suddenly and without warning at or before complete model failure. As a result, actual load testing of a model can result in the release of high velocity projectiles, falling objects and failure of the testing apparatus. The actual load testing of any model can cause injury to participants and bystanders.

Do not stand on, sit on, walk on or hang from any structural model. Do not attempt actual load testing of any model without qualified adult supervision and proper protection against flying and/or falling debris. Always wear proper eye protection.


Our software is for educational purposes only and is not intended for design of actual load bearing structures or other professional use. Our software is based on engineering science theory, therefore, actual results, including failure loads, will vary due to factors such as, but not limited to, building material quality and construction techniques.