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To download Bridge Builder for Windows (v4.8 (3/10/2016), Windows98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 7, 8 & 10) click

(SHA256: B4050BF748C354DF59EA4B8EE7AFBBFF928F904B503A22C2629DF0997B83461A)

(Unzip the file to a temporary folder.  Locate and double click Setup.exe to install.)

This version can automatically change your display settings to 640x480 - restoring the original display settings when the program is ended.  If you want Bridge Builder to change the display settings, add "W640H480" or "W800H600" as an extension to the "target" in the shortcut.  This mode does not work on all monitors.  If the screen seems to flicker, remove the extension and use the program in its default mode.  This version, when used with the "W800H600" extension, also automatically adjusts the windows size for the large systems fonts like those used in VISTA.

The Bridge Builder manual is included with the latest download.


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