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Upgrades from this page require a previously installed version of ModelSmart (for Windows).


To download the installer for the ModelSmart v1.77 Upgrade (for Windows95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 7, 8, & 10)

click (3/10/16)

(SHA256: 549FD10254EF7D14E86CC8DBCD5719AB822DD45FEB5B85AC7E784142DD25C990)

To configure ModelSmart to start in a 640x480 screen resolution place " W640H480" after "ModelSmart.exe" in the shortcut properties (ie "c:\modlsmrt\mdlsmart.exe W640H480" - do not include the quotes - there is a space after the exe - for a 800x600 screen resolution use W800H600 instead of W640H480) .

This mode may not work with your particular monitor.  Test on a single computer before installing to an entire classroom.  If the screen seems to flicker, remove the screen shortcut parameters to use the program in its default mode.  If ModelSmart fails to restore your original screen setting, use the "Settings" tab in the "Display" dialog found in the "Control Panel" to manually restore your settings. 

If you are having trouble with the Windows10 640x480 compatibility mode, try ModelSmart800; It forces Windows to a 800x600 mode.

(ModelSmart800 SHA256:  d897c872b9a4d27a9eb8445f5b4e4f4db88f49f4e4d58eb2686bf7b50300fc1e)

The current ModelSmart manual is included with the latest download.

Extra for Experts chapter in pdf. (included with latest manual)

The ModelSmart FAQ.


To download the ModelSmart Print Utility (2/28/2016) click HERE.

(The PrintUtility is included in the latest upgrade.)

Copy the downloaded file (ModelSmartUtil.exe - 556kb) into the ModelSmart folder.

Create a shortcut for the utility by locating the file from the "My Computer" desktop icon then right click dragging it to the desktop. 

Run the application then select the "File|Import ModelSmart2D File ..." menu option to load a ModelSmart data file.  The utility tiles with 8.5x11,8.5x14, & 11x17 page sizes.  Select the "File|Tile Setup..." menu option to change tile size and orientation.  "File|Print..." prints a full scale outline of the model.

The latest upgrade runs on Mac OS X using Wine.  Wine is a free download and you do not have to partition your drive or reboot to run.  Once installed, get Finder to show hidden files, Navigate to the ModelSmart.exe app and create a shortcut on your desktop.  No Terminal window will open when you double click the shortcut to run ModelSmart. The Print Utility uses OpenGL.  You will need to override the opengl and glu libraries in Wine (winecfg utility).  Add opengl32.dll and glu32.dll (found in the ModelSmart folder) libraries to Wine and set the use of these to native.

(109k .zip BMP file)

This classic "K" truss bridge no longer exists - it has been demolished.


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